Typical Flashing Concerns On The Roof

Of all the concerns that homeowners should have about their roof, moss is probably not one of them. Amidst dealing with flashing issues, insulation efficiency and what to do about the rainwater filtration system, homeowners have little time to consider natural influencers on the functionality of their roof.

However, in some cases moss and algae can leave a major impact on the functionality of roof shingles. While it might seem like that little patch of green is a nice addition to the character of the roof, the appearance is far from reality. The reality is that moss and algae will continue to grow and bring an added weight to the roof that may cause leaking or rotting of the structure itself.

Moss and Algae Grow in the Shade

A roof fully exposed to the rays of the sun does not face much of a moss issue. It's the roofs with a portion in the shade that are susceptible to moss and algae growth. Moss and algae will grow more rapidly in cool climates on roofs that are in the shade - and they are not just a cosmetic concern.

On asphalt shingles, moss and algae contribute to the degeneration of the shingles much faster than otherwise. The process of degeneration is increased because the moss and algae hold a lot of moisture right on the surface of the roof. This makes it hard for the shingles to get enough air flow going to keep them dry.

In freezing climates it is only made worse. The moss and algae will freeze into large clumps of ice that are very challenging for the shingles to support. A cyclical process of moisture and heavy ice contributes to the continual weakening of the shingles until they break.

Black Algae Looks Worse

While moss and green algae are visually appealing enough to make some homeowners forget about their risk, the same cannot be said about black algae. Black algae appears as look what i found black dots and blobs across the roof and gives the impression that the roof is suffering Check Out Your URL from an illness.

Don’t Wait too Long

The issue with moss and algae is that if they are not removed quickly enough they may begin to rot the internal structure of the roof itself. Suddenly a simple visual eye-sore has turned into a costly repair issue that is far out of the hands of even the most adept DIY homeowners. A professional roofing company should have the skills and experience to deal effectively with moss - at least they do in Monterey where this issue appears on a regular basis.

While some chemical treatment might do the job in removing the moss or algae, it's important to consider the future, and ways to prevent more of the same from sprouting up again.

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